My Sunshine

My sweet little granddaughter, Emma, loves the song “You Are My Sunshine”.  When she was smaller, she used to let me rock her and sing that song to her even though I’m a terrible singer.  She has about outgrown the rocking now, although I can get her to let me rock her once in awhile.  She turned 7 at the end of last year.  My grandson, Elijah, who is such a kind hearted big brother to Emma, will be turning 12 next month.  Time goes by so fast!

My daughter is an excellent photographer and she sends me wonderful pictures she’s taken of my grandbabies so that I can play.  I created this collage of Emma when she was 6.

Using an 8 x 10 canvas panel, I glued on some scrapbook papers and then spread a little paint around on top of the paper using a brayer.  I also added some circles with paint by brushing the paint onto the bottom of a round lid and stamping it onto the canvas.

The music was added doing a dry gel image transfer.  For this transfer, you need to use a toner based image that has been printed in reverse.  I printed the music in reverse on my inkjet printer and took it to the copy store.  Using a paintbrush, apply gel medium (I use Golden Soft Gel) to the surface where you want the image transferred.  Lay the paper image side down into the gel medium.  Using your hands, smooth out the paper while pushing the image down onto the background. You could also use a brayer.  The paper now needs to dry and can take as long as 24 hours.  Once dry, moisten the back of the paper with water and start rubbing it off.  Let it dry and repeat until all of the paper has been removed.

Next I printed off the image of my granddaughter onto some cardstock and glued it onto the collage using gel medium.  I also added letter stickers along with some butterfly and flower stamps.  To finish it off I outlined the image and the letters with a charcoal pencil and smudged it a bit to make them stand out more.

Have a sunshine filled day!



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