Just Having Fun

My favorite art pieces usually end up being those that I didn’t put a lot of thought into while creating them.   In Pam Carriker’s book, Art at the Speed of Life  (love the book!), there is a section called Creating Multiple Backgrounds.  While reading this I thought how fun it would be to just grab some papers, glue and paint and go play without worrying about what to put where.

I had some 4 x 4 inch canvases and thought they would be perfect to start with.  I glued down some torn out scrapbook papers along with pages from an old dictionary, and vintage books.  I randomly brushed on some acrylic paints.  For some of the canvases, I created texture by painting onto bubble wrap and cardboard and stamping it onto the canvas.

These little canvases are all ready to go for the next time I get a creative urge, which is often!

The “Kind Heart” painting was created using one of the background canvases I had painted previously.  I drew the girl onto the canvas using a graphite pencil and then painted her in with fluid acrylics.  Detail was added to her face and hair with Micron pens.   I poured some alcohol ink on a rusted metal heart and glued it down along with the words “kind heart”.

Get speedy and have yourself some fun!



7 thoughts on “Just Having Fun

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  2. These are adorable! I’d love to follow your blog by RSS (keeps the inbox clearer and lets me see your posts all in one place). Could you add a widget with an RSS feed follow option? And thanks for following me too! ;D Art IS great therapy!


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