Color Me Happy

I’ve been busy getting a new crafting area set up with the help of my wonderful hubby!   I needed some drawer pulls for the cabinets and was having a hard time finding some I liked.  They were also very expensive.  I decided to buy some  unfinished wooden ones (only .83 each!) and paint them.

While working on getting everything organized to put in the new area, I came across some papers I had torn out of an old calendar.  The papers were so bright and pretty.  I thought they might help to brighten up the drawer pulls.

I painted the pulls white and, while they dried,  I used a stencil to cut circles out of the calendar paper to fit the top of the pulls.  I then glued the papers onto the pulls.  I still need to put a coat of sealer on them and then they will be ready to put on the cabinet drawers and doors.

I can’t wait to see how they will look!  I’ll post pictures of the crafting area as soon as it is all finished.

I hope your day is a happy one!



5 thoughts on “Color Me Happy

  1. Loved hearing your comment on my recent post about the bleeding hearts. Your mushroom story is a wonderful memory also. Isn’t it funny–all we do as parents and it’s the most simple ordinary things that stick in childhood memories!


  2. Debbie, I love these! I finally remembered to check out your blog and Etsy site. You are so talented. I love everything you’ve made. I can’t wait to see your finished craft room. Jealous! 🙂


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