Peace & Serenity

A couple of years ago I found a water fountain at a yard sale for only $5.  I brought it home and painted it.  I added some rocks and a little fairy to the top and set it out in my front flower garden.  I’m so excited that it’s time to get the fountain out again.

I love sitting on the porch listening to the water and looking at the flowers.  It is so peaceful there.

This painting was created using a picture of my granddaughter for the outline.  I’m not too good at drawing bodies so I printed the picture out on some cardstock paper and cut it out.  Using a graphite pencil, I traced the outline of it onto a piece of wood.  The features were lightly drawn in with the graphite pencil and then painted.

I painted in the background using watered down acrylic paints and watercolors.  Using a rubber stamp and some white paint, I stamped on some detail in the sky to give it a little texture.  I used the paints, watercolor pencils and a white gel pen to create the flowers.

For part of the dress and the headband, I collaged on some pretty flowered scrapbook paper and painted in the top of the dress and pockets.

I think the girl looks so peaceful.  Looking at this painting always makes me think of my flower garden in the summer.

I hope your day blooms brightly!



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