Paper, Paint & Posies

I love playing with paper and paint.  For this painting, the background paper had soft green, blue and purple colors in it.  I gathered coordinating paints, tissue paper and other papers and started playing.

To make a similar painting, cut some scrapbook paper to fit your canvas, ink around the edges of the paper with some distress ink and glue the paper down onto the canvas smoothing out any air bubbles.  Pick a few matching paint colors and randomly add some paint to the paper, but do not cover it entirely.  You can put the paint on using your fingers or a brush.  I sometimes will put a couple of colors on a palette and, using  a brayer, roll through the paint and then roll the paint on the paper covered canvas.  Paint the edges of the canvas in one of the colors and then randomly brush on another color.  Water down the paint or wipe some off with a baby wipe or damp paper towel to get more of a distressed look.

Once dry, stamp on some more paints or ink using what ever you have on hand for the stamps.  I used a bottle cap for the large circles.  I love the cardboard from a Starbucks coffee cup (using a brush, add paint to the cap or cardboard and press it onto the canvas).  My favorite stamp is the bottom of my grandaughter Emma’s flip flop.  It has the tiniest little circles.  Thanks to Biscuit, Emma’s puppy, for chewing up her flip flop while visiting one day!  I snatched it right up.  haha.

Pick out some coordinating scrapbook and tissue paper and tear out some strips.  Randomly glue those down.   Add a little more stamping until you like what you see.

I was going to glue some embroidery floss horizontally across the painting for more color and to add some texture but, while looking for the floss, I came across the pretty fabric flowers.  I decided I would add them and use the floss as the flower stems.  Decide where you want your flowers to be and glue down the floss for the stems and then glue on the flowers.  I cut out some paper leaves, inked the edges and glued those down.

That’s it!  So simple and so much fun!


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