Happy Town and a Flea Market Find

My sister Kim and I take a trip each summer to the little town of Nashville, Indiana.  We’ve been going there for around 15 years now and both refer to it as Happy Town.  Nashville is a little artist colony located in the southern part of Indiana (Brown County).  We love the beautiful scenery and the quaint old buildings that house all the little shops.

We also like visiting the area flea markets.  This year, I found a pretty pink vintage box made out of wood (not sure what I’ll do with it yet), an old metal tin, and the big find…a package of heavy duty paper cloths for $1.  Yes, you read that right, paper cloths.

About 4 months ago, I watched a Cloth Paper Scissors workshop video called Layer by Layer that showed how to glue candy wrappers to material and then paint over the wrappers, sew on them, embellish them with beads and other objects, and just plain have fun making art with them.  I thought the paper cloths would work great for a project like that and I couldn’t wait the get them home to start playing.

The cloths unfolded to a 12 inch square.  I gathered lots of tissue papers and pretty paper napkins.  After removing the two layers of white paper on the napkins, I tore the napkins and tissue papers and randomly glued them to the paper cloths using watered down Mod Podge.  I then painted over the papers with the watered down Mod Podge and once dry, I added color with acrylic paints, oil pastels and inks.  I also did some stamping.

I’m not sure what I will do with these yet and may still add more stamping to them.  I think I’ll drag my sewing machine out of the basement and try doing some stitching.  I have never learned to sew, but think maybe I can sew some straight lines and circles.  🙂

I just love tearing papers and getting all gluey!


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