Altered Brush Project

I recently discovered Donna Downey’s blog and her beautiful artwork.  Donna is in the process of moving into a new studio and, inspired by an altered paint brush she saw on Pinterest, started the Altered Brush Project.  You can read about it here and create your own Altered Brush to send to Donna for display in her new space.  Here are some of the brushes she has received so far.

As soon as I saw the post, I ordered a brush.  I couldn’t wait to get started!  First I sprayed the bristles with some Dylusions ink spray.  Dylusions has the most vivid color I have come across in a spray ink.   As I worked on the rest of the brush, the ink kept coming off on my hands, especially if the bristles got the least bit damp.  I thought it would eventually set and not come off anymore but it didn’t.  I tried heat setting it by waving my heat gun over it.  Not a good idea!  The bristles started to melt!    I decided to try painting some watered down ModPodge on the bristles with hope that, once it dried, the bleeding would stop.  It worked great!

The rest was done using acrylic paint, gesso, scrapbook paper and some Tim Holtz washi tape which I painted a coordinating color.

I can’t wait to see more of the brushes!  How exciting it must be to get those boxes in the mail everyday!


6 thoughts on “Altered Brush Project

  1. I love your brush. Don’t you love trial and error? The bleeding colors is why I often spray a quick coat of spray varnish on my works in progress. It stops the smear! I need to get me some of the dylusions sprays. I checked a couple of local places….I might have to order them from online somewhere. Your brush is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


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