Journal Pages

I’ve been playing around in some journals trying to learn new techniques.  I love the colors Donna Downey uses in her art along with the free style way she paints flowers and vines.  For these pages I painted on some gesso and, once dry, randomly added some blue and green paint.  I sprayed the paint with some water and then lifted some off with a paper towel to give it a mottled effect.

On one page, I  lightly applied some gesso through a circle stencil and left the stencil on while the gesso dried.  Next I put another stencil on top and sprayed some Dylusions spray ink on.  I learned this technique watching one of Donna’s Inspiration Wednesday videos.

I found the ink will smear somewhat when adding other paint over it but I liked that effect.  It really added color to the flower as I was painting it on.  For places I didn’t want the ink to smear, I sprayed on a little clear acrylic matte coating.  The flowers were painted with gesso and outlined with some neocolor wax crayons.

Put a Little Sunshine in Your Shadows

Here are some more pages.  I don’t know why but after I get a background completed, I get stuck on what to add next.  I have to leave it for a bit until something comes to me.  I think I try to over think things instead of just letting go and painting  or writing whatever comes to mind.  I find it really hard to write down my thoughts in a journal.  I do love quotes.  My sister came up with the saying (Put a Little Sunshine in Your Shadows) and I thought of that when I did the page on the left so I added it up the side of a flower stem.

Happy Journaling!



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