Textured Transparency – It’s Happening!

texture blog 2
Yay!  I was finally able to get the textured transparency I was looking for by using a small amount of ink mixed into some gel medium and a plastic doily as a stencil.

To create these paintings I spread a layer of gesso onto two 6 x 12 gallery wrapped canvases using a palet knife.   I took then took some dry wall tape and randomly pressed it into the gesso to create texture and also sticking some to the top and bottom of each canvas.  Because I’m impatient, I used my heat gun to speed up the drying of the gesso.  When I held the heat close, the gesso bubbled up and made a snap, crackle, and pop sound like Rice Krispies in milk.  So much fun to watch that happening and seeing the great texture it created.

Next I randomly rubbed on some pink acrylic paint and, before it dried, took some off and smeared it around with a baby wipe.  I then sprayed on some Dylusions inks and then some water, lifting and tilting the canvas so the inks could run and picking up excess with a paper towel.  Once that dried, I took 3 different colors of Tim Holtz Distress Ink stamp pads and randomly stamped them onto the canvas creating inky square outlines.

Next I sprayed the canvas’s with a matt medium acrylic spray to keep the inks from running when I added the gel medium.  Once the acrylic medium dried, I mixed a small amount of ink into the gel medium (you really don’t need much at all).  I lay the two canvas’s side by side, put the stencil in place and added the tinted gel medium.  I cleaned and dried the stencil in between each placement on the canvas.

texture zoom

I love that I can see the other ink colors beneath the pattern and how the inks underneath somewhat change the color of the stenciled pattern in places.


12 thoughts on “Textured Transparency – It’s Happening!

  1. Debbie if I lived near ya you would just have to show me these things.. I like to crosstitch and crochet though! Your work is beautiful!
    Your friend Sue Fisher (Wys)


  2. This is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your awesome artwork…I just signed up to follow you by email and I also am following you on fb as I don’t want to miss a thing. Again, thank you for sharing…you are an awesome artist.


      • I can definitely relate to time shortage and I think fb does take a lot of time. I enjoy following blogs and prefer it over fb because on fb you can’t really have tutorials, etc. It seems fb is more one liners. I am trying to break my addiction to fb by staying away from it…amazing how much time it frees up giving up a little fb.


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