The Good Things

journal girl 3

I’m still playing in the art jourals.  While working on this spread, I was stressing over some things that were happening in my life and told myself that I need to focus on the good things.  Even though the good things may not be standing in front of me waving their arms saying I’m right here, and even though at times you might think things are just awful, there is always something good around you!  You just have to be willing to open your eyes, see it and focus on it and it will get you through.

journal girl 1

I came across a quote by Dalai Lama about attitude and thought it was very fitting for this page.  Changing your attitude about things helps you see the good around you and brings on the happiness.

Wishing you much happiness and may you always be surrounded by many good things!



4 thoughts on “The Good Things

  1. Your journal page is beautiful. The colors and the whole tone of the pages are so calming. I always try to remember when there are situations that I cannot change that the one thing I can change is my attitude. Hope bright days are headed your way!


  2. I know how hard it is to see the good all around when tough things are happening to us, but I agree that if we focus on the good – things do turn around. I make it a point to start the day with listing simple things that I am very grateful for, and it seems to set a good attitude for the day. Hang in there! I think your art journal pages are wonderful – very happy, upbeat colors. Happy creating.


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