Where Dragonflies Dwell

1 dragonfly

I have to say that making these four pieces was the most fun I have ever had creating art!  So much fun that I plan on making a large one for my entryway.  Yesterday I took a road trip to the Dick Blick outlet store that is about 50 minutes from where I live.  My daughter gave me a gift certificate for Mothers Day and I couldn’t wait to spend it!  I found a wonderful 2′ by 3′ wood panel (exactly what I was looking for) on clearance for $20!  I was so excited that I would have danced across the parking lot with it but it was so big that I had to settle for skipping.  Just kidding.  But I really wanted too. 🙂

2 dragonflys

Anyhow, Where Dragonflies Dwell came about because a lovely piece of art caught my eye on Pinterest here , which lead me to a lovely blog ,which then lead me to purchase this book that is full of wonderful techniques, which then led me to make a mad dash for Lowes to get a bucket of joint compound.

3 dragonflys 2

I spread the joint compound onto the four 6 inch square wood boards and created texture by pressing in rubber stamps, bubble wrap, a round lid and other items that were handy.  I let the compound dry and then sanded around the edges and lightly sanded any spots that looked too rough.  I put a wash of yellow watercolor over each piece and, once dry, I randomly brushed on some soft gel matte medium (this creates a nice resist).  I’m so glad I used yellow as a base color because it gave each piece such a warm glow.  Next I added washes of watercolors and, at times, rubbed some of the color off to reveal the yellow or another color underneath.  Once I had the color how I liked it, I added a bit of text here and there using a rubber stamp and an ink pad.  Next I painted on some melted beeswax.  The wax creates great texture along with giving the paintings a dreamy look.  The dragonflies were printed onto tissue paper and then I lay them on the wax and, using a mini iron, I ironed them into the wax.  They just melted in there so nicely and the tissue paper just sort of disappeared.

2 of 2 dragonfly

I guess I’m going to need some larger objects for creating texture on the next piece, so a gathering  I shall go!

Have a great day!


UPDATE:  You can find lots of interesting information about dragonflies and see some beautiful images by visiting thedragonflywoman.com.   I really enjoyed reading about the dragonfly myths.   I also enjoyed reading her post about fireflies.  It made me feel lucky to have grown up where there are lots of them to light up the night.  Thank you Chris, a/k/a the Dragonfly Woman, for allowing me to use your wonderful dragonfly images in my art!


11 thoughts on “Where Dragonflies Dwell

  1. You should do some online classes, I would take them..you have a talent for putting colours together. It’s probably easy now with you tube. ❤


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