Chunky Canvas Love

modern art 2

I had an idea for a larger painting that I wanted to do, but thought I would practice on these 6×6 inch chunky canvases first.

I collaged on papers torn from a vintage book, vintage dress pattern tissue and scrapbook paper.  Next I randomly scraped on different colors of Golden fluid acrylics.  I lifted off some of the paint with a baby wipe so that the papers beneath were more visable in some areas than others.  Once dried, I applied some Golden heavy matte gel medium using a spatula.  Texture was created by pressing objects such as dry wall tape and cardboard into the medium.   After the gel medium dried, I painted the top portion of the canvas with teal fluid acrylic paint.  Before the paint dried completely, I spritzed on some water and lifted off some of the paint with a paper towel to reveal some of the layers below.  Next I painted over the bottom portion, using both orange and quinacridone red fluid acrylics.  After the paint dried,  I stenciled on some numbers, letters and dots using modeling paste tinted with the teal paint.  After the paste dried, I brushed a pad of black StazOn ink over the top of the numbers, letters and around the edges of the each canvas.  Using India ink, I scribbled on some black lines between the top and bottom colors on each canvas.

modern art 1

I am loving the luscious layers of paint and paper in these chunky little canvases.


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