Ledger Love

art stuff 015

Ok, so you know how I was feeling a bit scattered because of all the art journals I have started yet have not finished a single one?  Well, I was at an antique shop with my daughter last weekend and found this wonderful old, yet new, ledger.  I almost didn’t buy it because the only writing in it was an address on the inside cover and because of all the other journals I have going.  I wandered around the store some before I decided I just had to go back and get it.  Something just kept telling me I needed it. haha.

art stuff 009

art stuff 012

The journal does have an alphabet index which automatically creates prompts for a journal page.   I can add a finished page to whatever alphabet tab it belongs in (making sure the letter applies to both the front and back of the page).

art stuff 016

art stuff 018

Of course when I got it home I had to get out my inks, paints and papers and get started on a few of the pages so I would have some backgrounds ready to go.  I’ll finish each page up as an idea comes to me or when I just feel like playing.

Happy journaling!



5 thoughts on “Ledger Love

  1. Thank you! I didn’t gesso the page with the heart but I did the others. I don’t usually seal the journal pages, but if I used something that may come off on another page, I might spray it with an acrylic matte medium.


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