My Oh My…

my oh my 001

What a Wonderful Day!  It is a beautiful morning!  I took this painting out to the porch rocker for a picture and as soon as I am done typing this blog post, I am headed out there to sit awhile.

This painting is another re-do.  I had gotten a little carried away with the collage I had added to it and wasn’t sure what to do with it.  I happened to see it in the closet a few weeks ago and have been playing with it since then.  I decided to paint over most of the collage.  I love the blue color I added and, with what was peeking through from the layers below, it started to look very vintage.

my oh my 004

I printed the words onto some scrapbook paper and glued them down.  I wasn’t sure about adding the white rub-ons under the words but I really liked the way they came out.  They are kind of hard to see in the picture though.

I was going to use the doily’s to spray some ink through but when I laid them down on the canvas, I liked them there so I decided to just attach them instead and add some buttons.

my oh my 014

Have yourself a wonderful day!



8 thoughts on “My Oh My…

  1. This is so warm and uplifting. Speaking of uplifting, you brought Lynn and I to tears with your letter, art box and donation! These ladies will be so excited. They are loving their art corner. Lynn asked me to come back there and do another six week series in a few weeks since they get new ones in there alot. So there will be art jouranlin’ gallore with lots of wonderful supplies thanks to you and Kath! Thank you for your big and beautiful heart. I’d like to also thank you on the blog….I’d love to post a portion of your note because it was so moving…is that ok?


    • Hi Bebe, I’m so excited for the ladies to have the opportunity to learn art journaling! I bet you are looking forward to doing another series. Your journal pages are just beautiful. How wonderful for them that they have you as an instructor! I’m so glad I could help out in some way. That is fine if you want to post a portion of the note. Have a great day!


      • Wonderful! We told them this past Thursday about what you sent and they were so grateful. Lynnie forget to bring me your letter but is going to email me a portion of it. Our plan is to either use it in a couple weeks to get them supplies for the next series or see if or see if Michael’s will match it and donate those smaller Strathmore mixed media journals for each one….either one of those will be a treat so thank you for your big heart.


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