Abstract in Acrylic

canvas art 002

Right now I am loving colorful abstract paintings, especially ones that have a grungy look.  I just completed this painting on a 12 x 24 inch canvas. .

canvas art 001

This one has some collaged papers under all the paint and medium layers.  I also added a bit of collage on top of the painting using some painted dry wall tape.

Yesterday I took a road trip to the Dick Blick outlet store.  I was looking for a gray paint for the sides of this canvas.  I found a Golden paint in graphite gray that I am loving!   The sides of this canvas were originally painted a blue color (this was another painting redo, and yes, i forgot to take pictures again of the before!)  I loosely painted over the blue with the graphite gray and rubbed some of the gray around the edges.  I just love the look the gray added to the painting!

canvas art side 004

Have a wonderful weekend!



10 thoughts on “Abstract in Acrylic

  1. Very nice colors.I like the stitches in the middle that almost looks like a belt.
    What type of glue/paste would you use to glue down material on canvas board? Do you gesso before glueing?


    • I use Golden soft gel matte medium most of the time and I glue to both gessoed and non gessoed surfaces. You can use any kind of decoupage glue. I’ve used Mod Podge and Collage Pauge. The soft gel medium is my favorite but it is expensive. I always buy it with a 40% off coupon from Michaels.


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