Feeling Inspired!

paper & paint 006

I love Pinterest and always go there for some artsy inspiration.  Last weekend, I discovered some art technique videos by Jane Davies.  I went to her blog and proceeded to read about her techniques and watched most every one of her videos.  I was inspired!  So thankful for artists who share their processes!  I wish I could take some on-line classes but my internet is just too slow.  It’s hit or miss when it runs fast enough that I can watch a video all the way through without it stopping to load.  So glad it cooperated over the weekend!

I grabbed my deli wrap paper and started slapping on the paint to use as colorful collage pieces.   Once the papers dried, I started tearing off pieces and randomly collaging them onto a piece of mixed media paper along with other emphemera I had on hand.  Then came the stamping and painting.  After I was satisfied with the way it looked, I cut out 2 5×5 inch pieces and adhered them to a cradled wood panel.

paper art 009

Here are the 2 pieces on my hall table.  I debated on painting the sides black and but am glad I didn’t.  I like the look of the raw wood in contrast to the color of the collage.

acrylic & collage 010

I decided to create a bigger piece directly onto a wood panel that was coated in gesso.  Here are a few pics of the progress.  I haven’t completed it yet but will share when I do.

acrylic & collage 002paper art 011


37 thoughts on “Feeling Inspired!

    • Thanks Nancy! I bought the panels online from Ultrect. They have lots of sizes but usually have backorders on them. Dick Blick offers a lot of sizes too. You can also find them at Michaels (Artist Loft brand) in limited sizes. For the bigger piece, I will probably use wire to hang. There are You Tube videos that shows how to wire if you have never done it. I probably won’t hang the smaller one ones but if I did, it would probably be with a sawtooth hanger.


  1. Loooove your art – all of it. This is a beautiful, textured technique that i love and the colours are beautiful too – thanks for sharing


  2. I love the beautiful colors. I also agree that it nice to see other show you their process. It gives you a chance to try something new. I can wait to see how the other one will turns out.


  3. Debbie. You say you wish you could take a few online courses. In my opinion you should be teaching not taking. You work is stunning and your style reflects what I am often trying to achieve in my artwork. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Found your pieces on Pinterest. Very nice. Love the colors and your application of the entire piece. Thank you for sharing. I plan to go to Joan Davies site to take in her art as well.


  5. I love the 2 small ones your created! Great colors and composition! I see you discovered Jane Davies as I have! I love her and her style. She has this very soothing way of teaching. Today I signed up for 2 of her classes at Art & Soul in Portland, OR next March. Can’t wait!!


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