Wood versus Paper

Acrylic on wood Panel 1

Well, this definitely ended up looking so different from what I thought it would!

Here is how it started…

acrylic & collage 002  paper art 011

I just couldn’t get it to come together with all the colors I wanted in there and ended up painting the entire board in blues.  Then I decided it was too much blue so I added some oranges and reds to a larger area of the wooden canvas.  I do like the way it came out but I really like painting and collaging on paper and then mounting it to the wood, versus painting and collaging directly on the wood.

Acrylic on Wood Panel4

At some point, I added molding paste and did a little stamping into it.   I randomly added numbers with a stencil and black paint and some squiggly lines using india ink from the dropper.   I also decided it needed some white so I used a vintage plastic doily as a stencil and pounced the white paint through the doily.

Acrylic on Wood Panel 2


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