Something Different

panel art 003

I had painted two wood panels black and was planning on using them for mounting a couple of beeswax pieces onto.  At the last minute, I decided that I  wanted to paint on them instead, so I started grabbing things (acrylic paints, brayer, old card for scraping, a round lid,  some drywall tape and some bubble wrap).  I started rolling, scraping, stenciling and stamping.  Fun fun, fun!

panel art 005

I also added some text from a vintage Latin book.  I took Scotch tape and burnished it onto a page in the book and then pulled it up.  I didn’t want a lot of the paper to show, but, because the painted background color was dark, I left some paper so that the text would be a little clearer than it would had I removed all the paper.  To remove the paper, just wet the back (sticky side) of the tape and rub until you take off all the paper you want.  The text should remain on the tape.  I then tore the tape into smaller strips and collaged them onto the painting.  I can’t remember where I came across this technique but I think it was from a pin on Pinterest.

We have some bad weather coming our way and I plan on staying in and creating art for the next three days!   I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and gets some playtime in!


4 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Love how the black background helps to pull it all together. I’ve done the same transfer technique using wide packing tape over a black and white copy of something. Like the idea of using book pages and will definitely try that. Happy New Year!


    • I’ve used the packing tape on a gelli plate after the paint has dried and got some really nice prints. I’ll have to try it on black and white copies. I think clear contact paper would work well too. Happy New Year to you too!


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