A New Paper Collage Painting


I’ve just finished another collage painting.  I thought I had ruined this one because I created it on paper and when I glued it to a hardboard panel, it had so many wrinkles in it that I didn’t think they were going to come out.  I was so aggravated and just kept thinking about how it was a favorite and I was probably just going to have to throw it away.  I kept putting heavy books on it and trying to smooth down the paper.  Finally I stopped stressing over it and had a little talk with myself about how there are going to be mistakes and I should  just be happy that I got to enjoy creating it.  I also learned some new techniques along the way.

The next day, I went to look at it again and all the wrinkles that were not supposed to be there, were gone!  I guess the glue just need to dry more and, when it did, the paper shrunk down to fit the board.  I was a happy camper!

Here are a some pictures of how it progressed.

I mixed up some modeling past and paint and applied it with a palate knife over a vintage plastic doily to create the textured design.  I didn’t have a dragonfly stamp big enough for this piece so I had to improvise.  Using a stamp I had, I applied ink and stamped it onto white paper and scanned the image.  I then copied and pasted it into Word where I re-sized it.  I then printed it onto tissue paper, cut it out and glued it on.


I also found out just how much I love using dry waxed deli paper.  I will be sharing some techniques I have learned along the way in a future post.


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