Deli Wrap Techniques


I have been experimenting with dry wax deli wrap paper.  I have quite a stash of paper to tear and use in my art pieces.   I’m really enjoying doodling on the wrap with the Faber Castell Big Brush Pens.  I love the way the ink pulls away from the paper and leaves such lovely circles and other doodled shapes.


I also like to paint the deli wrap with gesso.  Sometimes I will make marks in the gesso.   This makes for an interesting effect once paint or markers are added.

Deli Wrap 014

Here is a fun way to create mottled looking papers:  Using a piece of deli paper painted with gesso, color on it with a Big Brush Pen.  Let that set for just a few seconds and spray it with water.   Take a paper towel and press it onto the deli paper.  This will pick up some of the marker.  You could also put one color on, let dry, then add another color over the top (such as yellow and orange).  Once you spray with water and pick up the top color with the paper towel and the bottom color will show through.  Try this without using gesso and collaging over other layers of art.  You can see the other layers peeking through.

Deli Wrap 002

Try laying your deli paper over a stencil or other textured object and rubbing with a Caran D’Ache neocolor crayon.

I’m working on a new piece of art using torn deli papers and other papers that my granddaughter and I created using a gelli plate.  I’m wanting to take pics of the process but haven’t been able to get outside pictures with better light because of all the snow we have here.  I don’t ever remember having so much snow on the ground.  We had thunder snow and lighting today with at least 6 inches to add to who knows how many other inches already on the ground.  Hoping for Spring to get here soon!


7 thoughts on “Deli Wrap Techniques

  1. I’ll have to try deli paper. I’ve heard people mention it but always thought it was the paper on a roll a butcher used. Looks like fun! Sounds like we’re sharing the same weather–I’m in NW Ohio and feel like I’ll never see grass again!!


  2. Love your work. We’ve been playing with deli paper in my art group. Thanks to you, we now will have new ideas for playing.


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