Finding Balance – Not

IMG_2053 (2)

This is a collage I had been working off and on for awhile using some of my painted deli papers along with prints made with the gelli plate and some old book pages.  I wanted to get the papers down just so and was really liking the way it was going.  I planned on calling it Finding Balance.  I think I lost all balance though when I added the darker blue circles and squares.   Just not loving this one.  I don’t like the placement of the blue circles or the darker blue square shapes added to the center of the lighter blue.  I had originally planned to have green drips coming down from the collage papers.  I wish I would have stuck with that idea.


This will probably go in the closet for a while until I come across it again and try reworking it.  I still had fun with the journey of creating it though.


4 thoughts on “Finding Balance – Not

  1. Those colors are gorgeous! I really like what you have so far; the blues and greens, the offset circles and the little squares at the bottom. I have this urge to add some similar squares on top but offset to create a cruciform design, but I can’t wait to see what speaks to you!


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