Summer Garden

Summer Garden 1

This one is a bit busy and kind of reminds me of all the activity happening in my flower gardens in the summer.   I got inspiration for this one from a video on Traci Bautista’s blog here.

Summer Garden 2

Summer Garden 3

I added a little collage by cutting strips from a vintage book page to use as the flower stems.  Now that I look at this more, I’m thinking maybe I should have added some leaves to those stems.  I haven’t varnished it yet so maybe I will.


5 thoughts on “Summer Garden

  1. Thanks! The petals were part of the first layer of the painting which I made by stenciling and stamping a bunch of different designs onto the art board. I created them by using a black pitt pen and a stencil to outline the petals. Then I painted around them with fluid acrylics. I also doodled some with the black pen and a white gel pen. The doodling part was so much fun. I’m going to have to try doing some zentangles!


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