Book Inspired


Whenever I go to a thrift store, I always find myself in the book section looking for vintage children’s books.   I am drawn to the lovely vintage colors in the pages and illustrations.  I had been wanting to use some pages out of one of the books I had bought in a collage.  The pages had such great color and lines.  The book was in good shape and I couldn’t bring myself to tear out the pages.  Every time that book caught my eye though, I would think about how great some of the pages would look when torn and added into a collage.   I finally decided to go for it.


I collaged torn pieces of the book pages onto a piece of mixed media paper and added a coat of collage medium to the top of the collaged papers.  Next I randomly brushed on acrylic paints.  In one section I let the darker red paint set a few seconds, sprayed with water and then lifted some of the paint with a paper towel.   Using a rubber stamp and a black Faber Castell big brush pen, I randomly scribbled over the stamp and pressed it onto the paper.  I like using the big brush pens because if you stamp something and do not like it, you can quickly wipe it off with a baby wipe as long as you have an acrylic medium covering your paper.  Once dry the ink becomes permanent.  I also love the pens because they have no smell.  I mounted the painting to a wood panel,  and let it dry overnight.  I then added some lines using Claudine Hellmuth’s Studio paint the comes in a little bottle with a tip for drawing.  Next I adhered some drywall tape to the painting.  The tape was already yellow but I wanted it to match the yellow of the Studio paint color so I painted it with gesso and, once the gesso dried,  I brushed on some of the Studio paint.

I am glad that I let go of my apprehension about using the book pages.  I love all the rich colors and lines in this one.


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