Hello Love


I had the words “Hello Love” (in an English accent, even!) stuck in my head for awhile.  Why, I do not know!    I did know that I had to get the words out of my head and onto a canvas as soon as possible.   I had created a background that was just full of yummy colors and shapes.  I knew it would be perfect for what I had in mind, but dang it was hard painting over so much of the yumminess.  I’m so glad I did though.


I used an art board panel to paint the background using various stencils and other items to make shapes.  After finishing the background (and trying to let it go, which took me awhile) I used a stencil to trace a bird on the left and then flipped the stencil over to trace another bird on the right.  I also traced the hearts through a stencil.  Next I painted out the top of the canvas around the hearts and birds using a pastel blue color that was transparent enough so that some of the layers below peaked through.  I did the same with the bottom of the art board using a yellow paint.

I applied a coat of gel medium to part of a page in a vintage music book and let it dry.  I then colored it with some orange and pink Tombow markers and smudged the colors around a bit.  Next I cut out a strip in a scalloped shape and collaged it across the canvas.  I outlined it, the birds and the hearts with a Stabilo pencil.  I used a small paper punch to punch out a couple of music notes and collaged them into the hearts.  I printed the words “hello love” onto some over head projector film using my injet printer (printing in reverse) onto the smooth side of the film.  I carefully laid the film onto the canvas and rubbed the words on using a craft stick.  For a bit more texture, I added some white paint at the top with bubble wrap and stamped on some flowers and dots here and there.


I no longer have the words “hello love” in stuck in my head.  🙂



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