Getting My Paint Mojo On


I recently bought Tracy Verdugo’s new book, Paint Mojo.  I sat down planning to read it through from front to back but every time I turned the page and saw another picture of her wonderful art work, I knew I wasn’t going to finish reading it before I had to start a painting.  I just kept feeling that pull to go make art so strongly that I jumped up, grabbed a canvas and started painting.  I used inks, watercolor crayons, fluid acrylics and soft body acrylics.  I made marks, sprayed paint puddles with water, dropped alcohol onto some of the paint and watched it separate.


 After all that fun, I got stuck on what to do next.  I decided to collage some pages from a vintage music book onto the sides of the canvas and think about it overnight.  The next day still not knowing where this was going, I used Gelato’s, to bring the color down from the painting onto the sides. I had every color I needed that pretty much matched the paint on top.  Now I am stuck again.


I’ll have to let it sit some more.   I do know I am going to call this one Sweet Harmony because when I was adding the Gelato’s and they were matching up so nicely, I would say to myself “Sweet!” and then, I saw the word harmony on a piece of the collaged music paper.

Now I’m off to go finish that wonderful book…or try to.


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