Beeswax on Wood


Here’s another beeswax collage I created on a deep cradled wood panel.  It is very similar to a series I did called “Where Dragonflies Dwell”.   You can find that post and how I created the dragonfly collages here.  It’s hard to see in these pictures but I added some Perfect Pearls to the dragonfly wings to make them shimmer.





4 thoughts on “Beeswax on Wood

    • I got over being canvas shy after I painted one that I did not like at all. I stuck it in the closet in a recycle pile. I came across it months later and decided to paint over it. I loved the way it turned out. I still have canvas paintings that end up in the closet but I always drag them back out and recreate them into something I am happy with.

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      • That’s a great philosophy. I have 3 right now that are sitting in the recycle pile. Maybe I’ll give that a try. I’m so much more comfy using watercolor or mixed media paper that I never think of using canvas.


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