A Challenge That Didn’t Work Out

IMG_2494 (2)

This collage and the one below were actually created on the same piece of mixed media paper.  I was going to participate in a challenge that Jane Davies had going on over at her blog here.   The idea was to create a composition on one piece of paper, which, when divided into four parts, you would not know each quadrant came from the same piece.

IMG_2498 (2)

I had never participated in a challenge.  I think because I do better work when I just start creating intuitively instead of focusing on an outcome.  Well, I didn’t end up participating in this one either.  Once I finished the painting, I kept seeing two distinct paintings, not four.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the entire piece before I cut it up.  The painting was created on a 9 x 12″ piece of Canson mixed media paper.  I then cut out a 5 x 7″ piece and a 6 x 6″ piece to create the two paintings.  I mounted them onto wood panels.

I am happy that I at least tried to do the challenge.  Maybe the next time I’ll be able to submit what I create.


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