Choosing Joy

Choosing Joy

I just started taking Tamara LaPorte’s Lifebook 2015 course and am loving it.   The first exercise was a meditation exercise to help you find your word for 2015.   I really enjoyed the meditation and the word (Joy) came to me very quickly.  The past few years have been very stressful ones and I have been feeling like I changed from a person I used to like, to one that I don’t like so much anymore.  I know that only I can change the way I feel and how I react to stressful situations.   I’ve known that I needed to find a way to fix things but I just didn’t know how.  Art always helps me to feel so much better, but still, I find myself hanging on to negativity and the art has not been enough to push me through this.

I am determined that 2015 is going to be better and know that I must make it so.  I have decided that instead of waiting for joy to find me, I am choosing to find it.  The first assignment in the course was to create a page using your word for the year and adding your intentions in an envelope on the page.  As I was finishing up the page, I noticed that some of the collaged papers I had added had words on them that were part of my intentions for the year.  How exciting that was to find!  I think it is a good sign of joyful things to come.

Happy 2015 and Joy to all!


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