A Lesson in Lettering

LB 2015 Lettering

Just a quick post to share another page I created from a Life Book 2015 lesson.  This lesson was provided by Joanne Sharpe and it was on word art.  I have always hated my handwriting so was a bit apprehensive about this one.  Joanne’s lesson was great!  I feel more comfortable now with using my own writing to create artful letters and words.  I still need quite a bit of practice so will keep a notebook handy to doodle letters in.

LB 2015 close up

I just had to add some collage to this page and used part of a list my granddaughter Emma had written for the top flower and it’s leaf.  I was going to the store when she was over one day and asked her if she wanted anything.  She made a list!  Among the items listed were $1,000,000, sweet tea, cake, & more cake. ha!  I had to save it for collage paper.  I wish I would have thought and scanned it first, but I am sure she will be happy to make more lists for me.



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