Life Book Lessons


Here are 2 more pages I created from the Life Book course.  The ballerina is from a lesson given by Patti Ballard of PbsArtStudio.   Loved her video showing how she created her ballerina!


The lesson for the feather was from Tamara LaPorte, creator of Life Book.  In the lesson, she used Tombow markers to color in her feather.  I have had Tombow markers for a long time now and mostly use them for shading and outlining collage elements in some of my art.  I did not realize that these markers worked like watercolors and you could brush out the ink with a wet paintbrush and move it around.   Really enjoyed painting that feather using the Tombow markers!


5 thoughts on “Life Book Lessons

  1. Dear Deb, I can definitely see your art growing through this workshop…thank u for letting me know about the posts. I’m not sure what’s happening but will explore. Also, you said you use joint compound on wood…i’ll have to check into that one!…I’m guessing u would get it at Home Depot, ya?


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