Dreamy Valentines


Here are few Valentine collages I created using beeswax as the collage medium.   The wax gives the collages this wonderful dreamy look.  These were done on little 4×4 inch canvases.  I used a blue striped tissue from one of those mini packs that you keep in your purse for the background.  I then added a vintage photo I had printed to fit the canvas, a red ribbon and some buttons.


This one is similar to another I created last year around Valentines Day.  For the background on this collage, I used scrapbook paper cut to fit the top and the sides.  I really layered on the wax and pressed the key and love tag into the wax while it was still warm.  Once I had the collage how I wanted it, I rubbed some oil pastels around the edges to cover any white where the scrapbook paper did not meet.

If you would like more detailed instructions on how I create the beeswax collages please visit Mixed Media Art.  The link will take you to some Christmas collages I created using paper napkins as the background.   While there, you should go check out all the wonderful information and tips on creating mixed media art.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!


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