Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces Mixed Media

This is a mixed media painting I recently completed on an 11 x 14 inch canvas.   Last year, I found a wonderful vintage bookkeeping journal at my favorite antique shop.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use it as an art journal or use the papers in collage.   I put it aside but found myself leafing through it occasionally.  I love the feel and fragility of vintage paper.  When there is handwriting on it, all the better!  The first page in the journal had this wonderful golden brown tone with a nice sheen to it that I just couldn’t resist using as collage.

For the initial layer, I collaged on some torn pieces from the journal to the canvas and then did some painting and stamping.  Next I collaged on some torn pieces of deli paper from my stash.  The papers were painted with Golden acrylic paints and then covered in interference paint.  This gave the paper a beautiful reflective surface that is just lovely when the light hits it.

Bits & Pieces Mixed Media 2

Next I added some Golden molding paste above and below the collaged deli papers with a palette knife.  I was careful not to completely cover the vintage papers from the first layer.  I made some marks in the molding paste to create texture.  Once the paste dried, I did some more painting with acrylics along with some watercolor crayons and once dry, I added some more molding paste.   After that layer of paste dried, I added more color with acrylics and watercolor crayons.  I finished it off by painting the sides black.

Bookkeeping Journal

Here is a picture of the journal and a piece of the first page.  The pages in the journal are dated from January to March 1910.


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