Seeds of Love and other Fun Stuff

Here are a few more Life Book lessons I finished (for the most part anyway).

Seeds of Love

This one was taught by Tam and I really enjoyed the doodling process even though I didn’t get too carried away with the doodles.  The lesson was called Seeds of Love.  The first layer was collage with some gesso brayered on top to bring all the collage elements together.  Next came the doodles, adding color with watercolor crayons and gesso and then more doodling.


Jar of Joy

This lesson was called Favorite Favorites by Lynn Whipple.  She is such a fun teacher!  I’m calling it my Jar of Joy!  I added a few stickers from my stash to finish it off.


Love Lives Here

This lesson was taught by Violette Clark who also provided us with a wonderfully fun video tour of her lovely, whimsical home.  I am not finished with this one.  I know it needs more but I haven’t decided on what just yet.  I’ll put it aside and start another lesson.  I’ll make up my mind sooner or later.


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