Joyfully Inspired


I recently picked up the March/April edition of the Somerset Studio magazine and saw some wonderful photos of some little mini collages I absolutely adored.  They were made by Lori Franklin of Sparkly Heart Studio.  When I first started getting into mixed media, I worked on the little 4 x 4 inch canvases.  They are just so cute and fun.  Over time, my family and friends told me I needed to work bigger so, at some point, I put away all my little canvases and started working bigger.  Those wonderful little collages in the magazine had me yearning to work on something small again.  I then remembered that I still had a few 4 x 4 inch canvases in my stash that were already collaged and ready to finish.


I decided to use this one since the colors were similar to the ones in the magazine.


Here it is with a bit more collage added and some paint.

Joy 2

All finished!  I love it!  Especially because Joy is my word for the year. Those little collages just make me happy.


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