Always Loved


I’ve been jumping around in my LB lessons.  Instead of doing them in the order they are taught, I will watch the lessons and when I have time, work on one that is calling to me.

At times I don’t know why I feel a pull to do a certain piece of art or journaling.  Then there are times (usually after completion or during the creating) that I realize what it is all about.


While working on this lesson, I kept thinking of my mom.  She started having memory loss at the age of 73.  She will be 82 this year.  While her memory loss is severe, she can usually remember who most of her closest family is.  Whenever I give her a hug and tell her that I love her, she always hugs me back and says “Well, I love you too” and sometimes she will add, “and don’t you ever think otherwise!”.  I never would!   She is the best mother I could have ever hoped for.  It is so very sad to watch her decline both mentally and physically.  I am so thankful that she still knows who I am, but, when the time comes that she doesn’t, I know I will still feel her love.


This lesson was given by Juliette Crane and I enjoyed it so much!  She paints such lovely whimsical little animals and teaches in a way that makes it so easy learn.


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