Good to be Home

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I just returned home from a trip to the Dominican Republic.  It was a nice long vacation (7 days) with my daughter, sister and niece (pictured above).  Parts of the trip were very relaxing and fun and others not so much (lost luggage, language barriers, many issues with the rooms we stayed in, stolen cell phone).

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We stayed on the resort for all the days we were there except one, mostly laying in the wonderful warm sunshine.  We took a half day ATV tour on a 4 wheeler.  The tour was excellent. We were covered in dust and some mud by the time it was over, but it was so worth it.  We were able to see some of the island and visited a farm where we got to see what was grown and how the people lived in the country.  So interesting as their homes were different rooms built separately instead of all in one building.

Many thanks to my daughter who invited us on this trip.  She got the trip for the four of us paid for in exchange for writing a few blog posts about our experience.  How awesome is that!

While we all had fun, we were all ready to get back to our homes.  I took a little journal and some watercolor markers with me on the trip but never got them out of my suitcase.  Now that I am home, I am feeling the need to create!




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