Heart Community

Family This page was created from a bonus lesson in LB given by Jill K. Berry.  Jill created a lovely string of paper doll girls.  I tried creating my girls that way but was having a hard time painting their little faces.  I came across a page in Jane Davenport’s Beautiful Faces book where she had created paper dolls using vintage papers and book pages.  I decided to use her technique and put the dolls directly on a journal page. family 1 Each doll represents a woman in my family.  I wanted to capture a bit about each one of them in the page.  For my mom, I created her head out of a vintage accounting journal since she used to be a bookkeeper.  She was also an excellent cook.  Her dress was made with one of her handwritten recipes.  The next woman represents my sister, also a bookkeeper.  For the next three dresses, I used portions of pages from vintage children’s books.  My sister loves all things beachy, my daughter is a baker and food blogger and my niece is a daycare teacher. family 4 Here they are with some paint added and before I finished them off with some words and doodling.


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