A Joyful Pair

Colorful Canvas These canvases are 4 x 12 inches and are filled with bright and joyful colors.  I started out by painting in blocks of brightly colored acrylic paint onto each canvas, along with a few areas of black.  Once the first layer dried, I added more paint in various shapes and colors.  I scratched into some of the paint while it was wet.  Using drywall tape as a stencil, I randomly pounced black and white paint through the tape onto areas of each canvas.  I also created some white lines by dipping the end of a sponge brush in white paint and lightly pouncing the brush onto the canvases in a few places.  I dipped my fingers in some black paint and added some irregular dots.  Using bubble wrap as a stamp, I added in even more color to some of the panted areas.   Circles were added by dipping a small round lid into the paint and pressing on each canvas. Color Rich 2 side view    Color Rich 1 side view

I had planned on drawing in some designs on each canvas and then painting out around the designs.  I wasn’t sure what  I would do with the sides though, and I really enjoy seeing all that color.  I think I am just going to leave them as they are.


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