Layer Upon Layer

Mixed Media Collage

I started this painting on mixed media paper and added a little collage using a couple pieces of torn paper from a vintage calendar.  I kept adding layer upon layer of different colored paint (mainly Golden fluid acrylics).  The fluid acrylics allow some of the previous layers to show through.  I scratched into some of the paint layers while still wet and did a little stamping using the bottom of a flip flop (tiny dots) and drywall tape (tiny squares).  I also used bubble wrap to stamp onto some areas.

Mixed Media Collage 2

I finally got to where I was happy with the paint layers, but then realized it needed some more calendar numbers added near the bottom to balance it out.  I didn’t have any more of the calendar pages to use as collage but remembered that I had previously scanned some of the numbered pages into my computer.  I decided to use the scanned image to create rub-ons that I could put directly on top of the painting.

To create the rub-ons, I copied and pasted the scanned image into a Word document and then printed it out in reverse onto the slick side of some transparency film.  I lay the slick side of the film onto the painting and rubbed the numbers on using a craft stick.  I like that you can’t tell any difference between the rub-on numbers and the collaged on ones.

After adding the additional numbers, I felt like it still needed something.  I decided to collage on some crinkly black thread.  It was a pain getting the thread glued down but do like the way it turned out.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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