Expressive Portrait & Inner Guardian Angel


I finished a couple more Life Book lessons which were both portrait paintings.  The first one was created based on an expressive portrait lesson given by Jenny Wentworth.  I so enjoyed watching my girl evolve through all the layers of paint I kept adding to her face.   After the painting was finished, we were instructed to put down a layer of clear gesso and write down whatever came to mind.  I always have a hard time writing down my thoughts so most of the writing is art quotes I found on Pinterest.

Inner Artist Guardian

The next one was a bonus lesson given by Tam called inner guardian angel.  The girl was from a sketch I had done a while back in my sketch book, which was much smaller than this painting.  I scanned the sketch and enlarged it so it would fit onto my watercolor paper.  I then created a rub-on by printing onto transparency film and rubbing onto to the watercolor paper.  I really like using this technique because it allows me to use any of my smaller sketches in larger pieces of art.

Now I am off to work on the large painting for my sister that is still in progress.  Have a great weekend!


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