It’s Time

It's Time (2) While putting away some art supplies, I came across a piece of art I had created awhile back but didn’t care for how it came out.  I noticed the words “it’s time” on the piece and took that as a cue to pull it out of the closet and work on it some more. This piece was inspired by some art pieces I had seen that used words clipped from magazines as a collage layer.  I had been clipping words from magazines pages for awhile in anticipation of giving it a try. Before I re-worked it, many more of the words were showing through the paint.  Even with all those words, it just wasn’t speaking to me, that is, until the words “it’s time” caught my eye.

It's Time  

Usually when I pull something out of the closet, it is on a whim and I just start slapping on some paint.  That is why I never think to take a before picture.  Maybe I should start taking pictures of the art before I put it in the closet.


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