For the Fun of It

Birchwood on Sticks

I found these little chunky circles of birchwood on a stick in the floral area of a local Gordman’s store last fall.  I kept picking the package up thinking how it would be fun to collage on them but I also kept trying to talk myself out of buying them.  I knew they would probably just end up in a closest somewhere never to be seen again.   That is basically what happened, until I spotted them a few days ago.  I was wanting to paint but didn’t have a lot of time.  These were just what I needed.

First Layer

First I grabbed some torn bits of an old book page and scrapbook papers and glued them onto the birchwood circles on both sides.

Birchwood Collaged

Next I added some acrylic paints, a little stamping of words and numbers and a few splatters of some fluorescent orange paint.

Birchwood Collaged 2

I covered the final layer with Collage Pauge and then ran around the edges with a black Faber Castell Pitt pen.  The collage medium creates a surface that allows you to smudge the ink from the pen or wipe away any you don’t like with a baby wipe before it dries permanently.  This was a fun and quick little project!


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