Painted Paper – Abstract

MM Painted Paper

This painting on mixed media paper started out with leftover paints that I had scraped and brushed onto the paper while working on other projects.  I scraped on some additional paint and then drew in some large circles with a black Stabilo pencil.  Next I added color to the circles by scribbling on some oil pastels and then smudging them into the paper.  I added some smaller circles and scribbled lines with the Stabilo pencil and then painted them out a little using a small damp paintbrush.  I finished it off with some black paint spatters.

painted paper

This just may just end up being a background for a journal page or I may use pieces of it in collage, but I will scan it first to use for another project I have in mind.  I just received a shipment of cradled wood panels in various sizes from Cheap Joes.  (Someone had mentioned on Facebook that they were having a great sale on them so I couldn’t pass it up.)  After I scan it, I am going to crop and print a portion of it in a size to fit one of the wood panels and then put a few coats of beeswax on top.  Wish I had time to finish it now but it will have to wait.


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