My husband and I were out of town last week and I knew that I wouldn’t have much, if any, time to play art while I was away.  But, just in case, I threw some Tombow markers, a graphite and charcoal pencil along with a little mini Strathmore Visual Journal in a shoe box.   We were very busy and I didn’t have much time to think about art until I went into a Michael’s store and found a new Cloth Paper Scissors magazine called FACES  (It is a Fall 2015 magazine but I couldn’t find a link on their website).   One night I had a chance to look through the magazine at all the gorgeous faces created by a number of different artists.  I fell in love with the cute little characters created by Karen O’Brien and just had to try one.

Faces 6

For this one, I randomly scribbled on various colors of Tombow markers and very lightly painted them out with a wet paintbrush.  Next I drew in the face with a charcoal pencil and added more color with the markers.  Very quick and easy and I got my art fix in!

Faces 1

We got home yesterday and last night I started sketching out more faces.  The one above was inspired by the cover photo on the magazine which was created by Dina Wakely.

Here are a few more that I did without adding color:

Faces 2

Faces 3

Faces 4

Faces 5

I think I’ll start a new journal of just faces.  This one is only 3.5″ x 5″ so I’ll go a little bigger on the size.



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