Switching It Up

Paper Paint Collage on Wood

This painting was going to be another page for my Life Book journal but, after it was finished, I decided to mount it to a wood panel instead.

LB Inspired

This is how it started out.  I planned on adding a little character figure to it and thought it was going to be another Juliette Crane inspired page.  I got sidetracked with other things and put it aside.

Paper Paint Collage 2

When I started working on it again,  I decided it needed a little collage.  I had an old adding machine paper roll laying on my table and colored some of it with pink and blue watercolor markers and then scribbled on some circles with a blue pen.  I tore bits of the paper and added it randomly to the water color paper using Collage Pauge.  The adding machine paper was so thin that you really can’t even tell there is collage on the painting.  Next I added some more paint and doodles.  I then thought of Flora Bowley’s Life Book lesson and decided to paint in some floral and other marks using black India ink instead of adding a character.  After the ink dried, I scribbled over some of it with a white pen.  To make the circles pop out, I smudged in a bit of Red Cherry and Passion Fruit Gelatos.  I’m loving that even though there are so many colors in this, they all seem to work together.


9 thoughts on “Switching It Up

  1. Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog. Loved this painting. I recognize some Lifebook aspect in it (I’m also on Lifebook) and how you’ve added your own personal touches to it. Really lovely colors, images, pattern and marks.


  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! Now I have to find out who Juliette Crane( sp) is. I agree, there are so many colors but they all sing together. And I love all of the bits and mediums working together also. Was the first layer acrylic? (Sorry if you put that in the post; my memory is bad and I’m on my tablet)


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