Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts 1

I started working on this painting in between washing clothes and packing to go out of town for a few days.  I grabbed a canvas and added a little collage along with some coral acrylic paint.  While that dried, I got busy on folding laundry and packing.  I went back to the canvas and added some stenciling and more paint then back to packing.  The next time I went back to the painting I wasn’t sure what to do.  I  wanted to keep it moving so I grabbed a charcoal pencil and started scribbling down a few random thoughts.  I started with a few words in one area of the canvas and finished each thought in another area either on top of or on the sides of the canvas.  When I went back again I smudged in some circles using yellow Gelatos and did some scribbling with the charcoal pencil.  I wasn’t thinking too much about what I was doing, other than getting some play time in before I had to leave and figured I would finish it when I got home.

Now that I am home though, I’m kind of liking it the way it is so I’m thinking it may be finished.  Love it when a painting can come together so quickly without having to put it aside for hours or days thinking on what to do next.

Random Thoughts SV


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