Sweet Harmony

Sweet Harmony

Finally finished this painting that I started working on in July of last year.


Here is how it started and here is the blog post where I wrote about it.  I got stuck on what I wanted to do with it so didn’t do anything for a long time.   I think I was just having a hard time letting go of all that color, as I have done before. Last week I pulled it out of the closet and grabbed some markers and paint pens.  My  granddaughter and I got busy adding some more marks.  I drew in the floral shapes using black india ink in an oiler boiler bottle.  Next I started adding  Golden’s titanium white paint mixed with a little soft gel medium.  I scraped some on with a store card and lightly sponged and brushed some on areas closer to the ink lines.

Sweet Harmony 2Sweet Harmony 3I had previously added vintage music papers to the sides of the canvas and had added various colors of Gelatos on top of the papers.  I decided I wanted the music paper muted a bit more so I went over it with a layer of white gesso and then brought back in some of the color with the Gelatos.  It’s hard to see unless you zoom in, but I added music notes to some sections of the flower shapes by stamping them onto deli paper with permanent ink.  I then layed the deli paper over the section I wanted to collage, traced the outline, cut out the shape and then collaged the pieces onto the canvas.

I’m happy I was finally able to let it go and get this piece finished up!



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