Wax Play

A few years ago I had bought a bag of wood pieces at Hobby Lobby which had different types and sizes of wood along with some pieces of masonite. I thought these would be good to use for making small beeswax collages and would be nice to practice different techniques on.

I had recently saw a video on Pinterest where the artist glued watercolor paper to wood and let it dry overnight before painting and adding the beeswax layers.  It gives you a nice white background to paint on before applying the wax.    I did this to a number of the wood pieces.

beeswax paintingFor the piece above, I painted pink and lavender watercolors on the paper background.  I then colored in some shapes and made marks with Neocolor I crayons.  Next I painted on a layer of beeswax and fused it with a heat gun and then repeated with another layer.   I used my craft knife to carve into the wax around the shapes.  I used a black Shiva oil paint stick to color over the lines heavily so that the paint got down into where I had carved.  I used a soft cloth to wipe away the excess black paint but had a really hard time getting it off.  I ended up using a little coconut oil on the cloth to remove a lot of it and then lightly fused the was again.  I think a softer oil stick would work much better.

I didn’t have very good light for taking pictures.  This looks dark because of the lighting and because the oil stick made it pretty grungy looking.  It is 4 x 4 inches.  It was fun little practice piece and I have more wood pieces ready to go when I want to try other techniques.

Happy 2016!



11 thoughts on “Wax Play

  1. Even though these wax pieces and your post are 2 years old, I wanted to chime in and say they look wonderful. I’m not always goal oriented when I sit down at my table. There’s pure joy to simply sit down to experiment and just play. These sessions are where I often stumble upon those “happy accidents”. Thank you for posting your lovely wax pieces. You’ve given me some inspiration, because I love working with beeswax.


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