More Wax Play

I worked on a few more practice pieces of the watercolor paper on wood substrates.  This time I used some Dr. Ph. Martin’s iridescent inks I recently spotted at Hobby Lobby.  I just love the way the inks shimmer and was so excited to use them that I didn’t give them a good shake first.  Not shaking well resulted in hardly any shimmer to the pieces once the ink absorbed into the paper and dried.  😦   I should have noticed but was also working on another set of paintings at the same time and was more focused on them.

Ink & Wax

I dropped dots of iridescent jade and blue inks onto the paper and, using a foam roller, rolled the ink into the paper.  When those colors dried, I dropped on some iridescent orchid ink and rolled that in.  Next I scribbled on some circles using a metallic grape colored Gelato and scribbled a bit of a lavender Gelato in the center of each circle.  Using my heat gun, I heated the surface of the painting and then brushed on the melted beeswax.  I fused the wax and added another layer and fused again.  I’m not liking how yellow the wax looks on these paintings.  Sometimes the yellow wax gives a nice warm glow to a piece, but not this time.  Next time I’ll use white beeswax on the inks and make sure I shake the bottles well!

Ink & Wax 2

After the wax cooled, I scribbled on some black lines using a calligraphy pen dipped in black india ink and also let some of the ink drop onto the wax.  Once the ink dried, I fused the painting again and painted the sides black.


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