Wax on Watercolor

watercolor & wax pair

Here are 2 of the latest pieces I created using watercolors and wax on 6 x 6″ wood panels.


I started out by painting an 11 x 14  sheet of watercolor paper with washes of yellow golds, purples and pinks.  After I determined what sections of the painting I wanted to use, I cut out two pieces of the painting about a quarter inch larger than the panels.

watercolor on panel 2

I used PVA glue to adhere the pieces to the panels and used a brayer to smooth out the paper.  I stacked books on top and let dry overnight.  Once the glue was dry, I trimmed off the excess paper using a craft knife.   I felt that the paintings  looked a bit washed out so I enhanced the color a little by smudging in some metallic Gelatos in purple and gold to a few places on the painting.


Next I heated the panels with my heat gun and then brushed on a layer of wax, fused and then repeated.  I smoothed out the wax with a little mini iron but there are still some nice little ripples and texture that I love to see when light hits the wax.  While the wax was still slightly warm, I sprinkled on some gold mica flakes and lightly pressed them into the wax.  Once the wax completely cooled, I used the side of my hand to buff.  This gave them a good shine and when the light hits them just right, it looks like glass.

watercolor & wax

Before I added the wax and mica flakes to the two pieces, I decided to do a practice run with the wax and mica flakes.  I had never used the flakes before and wasn’t sure if I wanted them on the paintings.  I had a piece of masonite with mixed media paper adhered to it ready to use as a practice piece.  I quickly painted on some watercolor paints in the same colors used for the panel paintings.   I enhanced with the Gelatos and then added the wax and flakes.  I was really happy with how the practice piece came out!  I’m thinking about putting it in a floating frame.  I love it when you can just let go without any expectations and you end up with something you really like.


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